Mayor Inspected Shenyang Orchard Summer Palace

On November 12, Mr. Chen Haibo, Mayor of Shenyang, made an inspection visit to the project of Orchard Summer Palace, one of the symbols in Shenyang Golden Corridor, which is located in the city center with the aim to become the new central business district.
Mayor Chen’s inspection on the projects along Shenyang Golden Corridor happened to before the opening of the sales center of Orchard Summer Palace and the topping out of the commercial building. Mr. Bian Xilai, General Manager for Shenyang Huaxin International, Mr. Huang Junfeng, Head of Marketing & Sales for Huaxin International, Deputy General Manager(Shenyang), Mr. Li Zhengzhong, Deputy General Manager (Shenyang), received the delegation led by Chen Haibo at the sales center. Mr. Bian Xilai introduced the status of Orchard Summer Palace including development process. Mayor Chen Haibo thought highly of the project development process and fully affirmed the support from Shenyang Huaxin International for the forthcoming 12thNational Games in Shenyang. Meanwhile, he hoped that the façade decoration of the project could be done on schedule and commercial building could be fully completed before September, 2013 on the premise of ensuring safety and quality in construction.
Accompanying him on the visit were Li Songlin, Tong Jingshi, deputy municipal leaders of Shenyang, Shi Qijin, Consultant of 12th National Games, Pang Hongbo, Secretary of CPC Shenhe District Committee, Wang Jian, Governor of Shenhe District and other responsible person.