The Delegation from Huaxin International Headquarter Visited Chengdu

Late August, Dr. Hong Decheng, Group Managing Director for China Property, Mr. Allan Chen, Regional Financial Director for Wearnes China, Mr. Kenny Phua, Head of Operations for Huaxin International, and Mr. Huang Junfeng, Head of Marketing&Sales for Huaxin International, visited Chengdu Huaxin International, and made an on-the-spot investigation on the project of Orchard Villa.
On the afternoon of August 23, the delegation investigated The Orchard Villa.They visited the sales center, the garden landscape, the interior showroom, and listened to the report with regard to sales status. Ms. Chen Ran, Marketing& Sales Manager for Chengdu Huaxin International, and Mr. Chen Hong, General Manager for Chengdu Huaxin Property Management Company accompanied them on the survey.
The delegation thought highly of the project, and they fully affirmed the performance of Chengdu team. Mr. Phua appreciated the showroom of the project, citing that the design, interior decoration and soft furnishings had shown the great attention paid to details as well as the quality. At the end of inspection, the delegation expressed high expectations for the team of Chengdu. They hoped that the team could continue working hard and fully participating in the project, so as to achieve company target assigned by the group.
In the morning of August 24, the delegation visited the office of Chengdu Huaxin International located in city center, and listened to the report of the launch meeting for phase Ⅲ to Ⅵ of The Orchard Villa. During the meeting, Mr. Cen Zewei, General Manager for Chengdu Huaxin International, introduced the highlights of the new design proposal for phase Ⅲ to Ⅵ in detail, and described the optimized ideas and solutions for design, cost control and sales. Dr. Hong fully affirmed preliminary work made by Chengdu team, and said that the experiences from Chengdu are worth learning for the other city company. Meanwhile, Dr. Hong noted that the priority task for Chengdu team is to speed up the sales, as well as optimize the ways of promotion and sales.
The inspection is not only a review for recent work of Chengdu Huaxin International, but also put forward higher requirement on future work. Chengdu team will surely keep hard working, try to make more success.