Chengdu: Hot-sell of Cloud Hillside, Orchard Villa

On April 15th, 2012, the new group of Orchard Villa——Cloud Hillside was offered for sale. In the very morning, a lot of people were attracted to the scene, including the customers who had paid the earnest money and many experts and journalists who had heard of the news. Among all the coming house-buyers, a majority of them were customers who followed the project all along. For the small part of customers who did not gain the priority to purchase the houses, they came to the sales department early, with the hope of selecting units in advance. In front of the model table, the salespeople gave a comprehensive presentation about the project, covering from the project resources to a detailed introduction to the related facilities. Then, the customers visited the showrooms all the way. Because of a well-thought sales strategy, everything went smoothly. The customers who decided to buy in their first visit reached a remarkable 50% high, and the people’s exclusive craze for this project kept increasing.
Besides, a family activity, called “The Whole Family, One Hundred Percent Happiness” was specially arranged, allowing the urban elites to enjoy with their family.