Orchard Summer Palace Won Two Awards in 2012

Remarkable Ability Bring Double Awards
The 3rd China Real Estate Summit was held in Xi’an between 22nd and 24th of April, 2012. In this meeting, Orchard Summer Palace won two honorary titles: the “Most Promising New Landmark of China’s Commercial Real Estate in 2012” and the “Asia’s International Convenient Living Environment Residential Project in 2012”.
This Summit was co-held by the Association of China’s Real Estate Developers and the Association of China’s Commercial Real Estate Investments. Numerous leading enterprises in the real estate industry gathered in this meeting, and all the attendants were longing for the various awards in the following respects: the high-quality building, the outstanding enterprise, the excellent project, the prominent figure, Asia’s convenient living environment residential project. These winners would be selected from various property companies in more than 100 large and middle-sized cities by the senior experts, research institutions.
After a prolonged and fierce competition, Orchard Summer Palace earned two awards with a remarkable margin. Among the two awards, “Asia’s Convenient Living Environment Residential Project Award” was reputed as the Oscar of residential building, which was currently the only and most honorary prize in Asia and was acknowledged by the “United Nations Centre for Human Settlements” (Habitat)/(UNCHS) and many other international organizations.


High-end Resources Breed a New City
Orchard Summer Palace was an international urban complex by the expert of China’s luxury housing——Huaxin International. At the north side of Hun River, it embraced the golden intersection of Shenyang’s downtown and was in accordance with the government’s blueprint of the city’s development; it would become a core hub of the old and new city centers, linked by the advantageous region of Wulihe. With such abundant high-end resources, Orchard Summer Palace championed a world-class business area, becoming a hot area for business and wealth.
At the same time, Orchard Summer Palace was co-designed by the World-famous architects from Tange Associates of Japan and SAA of Singapore. Adopting an elaborate and crisscross façade, the building not only enjoyed a brilliant appearance, but also permitted a low-carbon and environmental function. As the first one to reach the newest standard of CSV 2009 LEED Golden Level certificated by U.S. Green Building Council, it became the first example of the low-carbon green building in Shenyang, providing the residents with a high-quality and green living environment.
From the glorious history as a landmark to the provider of top-level resources, from the exquisite design of international masters to the authentic certification of LEED, Orchard Summer Palace would inherit the pioneering spirit of Huaxin International. As a landmark in the golden corridor, it would turn into a large complex project, marking an unprecedented and memorable history in the city of Shenyang.