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    Founded in 1906, WBL Corporation Limited (WBL Group or 维信集团) is a leading Asian multinational conglomerate. The WBL Group’s key activities include property, technology and manufacturing as well as engineering & distribution.

    The WBL Group’s property business is mainly in China, where it has been investing in the residential segment since 1990s. Through its property arm Huaxin International, it has completed many high-end residential as well as commercial projects mainly in Shenyang, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing.

    The WBL Group’s technology and manufacturing division is primarily engaged in manufacturing flexible printed circuits (FPC) and providing integrated high technology content solutions and services to customers. The principal subsidiary is Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc.. It is a global provider of high-quality, technologically advanced FPC and assemblies to the electronics industry as well as seamless, integrated end-to-end FPC solutions ranging from design and application engineering, prototyping and high-volume manufacturing to turnkey component assembly and testing.

    In addition, the WBL Group provides services in precision engineering, specialising in aluminium die-casting and precision machining for the automotive and electronics industries, as well as provides global customers with innovative turnkey manufacturing and supply chain solutions for the automotive, computer, consumer and electronic industries.

    The WBL Group, through O’Connor’s, is also a leading systems integrator for high technology content applications and solutions in the region for the broadcasting and multimedia, communications and information technology, as well as security and surveillance sectors. A wide range of businesses are involved in the WBL Group’s distribution business, such as the sales of construction materials, sand mining, as well as distribution of liquefied petroleum gas and equipment.

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